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$29 per month

  • 13 Private Proxies
  • ScrapeBox Private Proxies
  • Non-Sequential IPs
  • Fully Anonymous
  • 13 Dedicated IP Addresses
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  • 30 Private Proxies
  • ScrapeBox Private Proxies
  • Non-Sequential IPs
  • Fully Anonymous
  • 30 Dedicated IP Addresses
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$59 per month


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$2 per proxy


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Up to $1.75/proxy with Volume

ScrapeBox Private Proxy Guarantees

100% Compatibility

Our Private Proxies are guaranteed to work with ScrapeBox and other SEO software. We are also ready to replace the proxies for you if required.

On Demand Proxy Rotation

Nobody can predict if the proxy gets banned. However, if this happens we can rotate them on demand. This ensures that you always has access to proxies regardless of any blocks.

Our private proxy can also be used with any software that requires proxies, like SEO, watching HULU or any other purposes. Only bulk emailing is prohibited.

Use with Any Software

24x7 Proactive Support

Our support team reacts to all issues and resolves them on a 24x7 basis. This means that you are always covered even if something happens.

100% Privacy Provided

Our proxies are fully anonymous and will not disclose your location or any other details. This ensures that your operations remain private and invisible.

All our proxies are subject to an SLA which can be signed with your company depending on the number of proxies you are requesting

Service Level Agreement

USA East Coast

USA West Coast



Global Private Proxy Presence

“ScrapeBox private proxy allowed us to make the most of ScrapeBox. It's really worth the investment.”

Bill Shepard Client

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